Protecting our Teens – The Virtual Bully

November 26, 2013

The Virtual Bully

Have you seen the movie “BULLY”?  If not, I highly recommend you rent the movie and get ready to watch one of the most powerful documentaries to ever grace the big screen.  The movie follows, over the course of a year, five case histories of ‘schoolyard persecution’, giving us an intimate look inside the lives of kids and their families who are affected by bullying behaviors.  The movie reminded me that today’s bullying doesn’t just happen on the playground, it also happens online—making it even more difficult for kids to walk away from the situation and feel safe and secure.


Could your kids become a victim of cyberbullying?  Here are a few tips for how parents can keep teens safe from online bullies taken from my e-book, Safe Text:  Protecting Your Teens from the Dangers of Texting,


Use technology to fight technology

There are a wide variety of free and fee-based filtering and blocking software applications that may help minimize the possibility of incidents.  I have several of these applications listed in the “Resources” section of my book.


Educate your teens about acceptable online behavior

Teach your teens how to choose online friends wisely and what behaviors to look for that may make it necessary to cut the online ties with some of their acquaintances.  Encourage your teens to not respond to a cyberbully and show them how to block people from sending them messages.


Draw up a contract

Make your teen aware that using a cell phone is a privilege, not a right.  Therefore, it comes with numerous responsibilities—including always telling an adult when they feel they are being cyberbullied.  A sample of a parent/teen contact is available in my e-book.

Let’s Protect OUR Teens!

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