Protecting Your Teens on Facebook

Protecting Your Teens on Facebook

Sneak Peek – Conclusion

I hope that you feel I have accomplished my goal of giving you an easy-to read quick understanding of the primary concerns you need to be aware of … if and when your teens become active on Facebook. There are a multitude of topics we could discuss about Facebook and how they may be of a concern for you, but I didn’t want you to feel trapped thinking you only have one of two decisions:

  1. Facebook is evil, so I won’t let my teens have a profile.
  2. There’s just way too much to think about; I’ll just trust that they’ll tell me if there is a problem.

While these are common choices, I believe that the choices you should make (and likely will) are based upon the maturity and trustworthiness of your teens in their daily lives. Parenting them online is no different than parenting them in the physical world. It can be difficult at times to find the right balance of giving your teens freedom and supervision. You will have to gauge what you believe they are ready for.

With the knowledge that you’ve gained from this book, you can make better informed decisions about what Facebook activities you are comfortable with your teen taking. Now you know the positives of Facebook, the potential risks and what you can do about them. While in some cases, it may be best for you to have your teens wait until they mature more before they are exposed to this massive social network. And for others, you can create a better bond between you by actively participate in how your teens set up their profiles and how they engage with the apps and people in this community.

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